Being Proactive & Practicing Self-Care During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone on edge, rightly so and for a multitude of reasons. It’s scary, overwhelming, our day-to-day lives have changed, and we still have to 'bring home the bacon' and manage our diabetes.

Diabetes self-care during COVID-19

Here are some things I’m doing to reduce my stress and practice self-care.

Wear a mask

I wear a mask when I go outside. It’s simple, cheap, and helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. I wear a mask to protect myself and to protect others and I hope that you do too. Women are wearing masks while in labor and giving birth. Wearing a mask when we go outdoors or indoor areas where other people are, isn’t a big deal.

Wash your hands

I wash my hands - like a lot. And I use/carry my own hand-sanitizer whenever I go out. I also keep a bottle and a box of sanitizer wipes in my car, because you never know when or what you’ll need to sanitize.

Keep up with blood sugar checks

I check my blood sugar often - and if I’m feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed, I check and keep an eye on my sugars. Stress, anxiety, and depression all impact or blood sugars, taking action and actually tracking my blood sugars make me feel empowered. Also: More time-in-range blood glucose levels before a COVID-19 diagnosis is a big weapon in combating COVID-19 for people with diabetes.1

Healthy eats & Netflix

I allow for “treat meals” because treat meals are OK in moderation. I’m doing my best to pay attention to my eating habits and embrace healthy food in these pandemic times because: it makes me feel better, it’s good for my diabetes, and cooking healthy meals is a way to practice self-care and who doesn’t need more self-care?

Look for silver linings

I look for silver linings and take them wherever and whenever I can find them. Phone calls with friends, a walk in nature, reading diabetes blogs, treating myself to a Netflix night, or getting lost in a good book.

What are you doing to reduce your stress in these times?

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