Type 2 Diabetes Stress Busters

We're living in a world where our stress levels are at an all-time high. As are our feelings of isolation, anger, and fear. All these feelings and emotions impact us mentally and physically — including causing our blood sugars to elevate.

Focusing on stress management

Stress busters currently in my rotation include:


I'm terrible when it comes to stretching out my muscles - even when I was a little girl doing cartwheels and flips. Tension and stress live in our muscles. The more we stress, the more we physically feel it.1 Which is why I've started stretching exercises again on a daily basis. Added bonus - chair stretch exercises count!


After a break, I’m back gardening. Four types of tomato plants, snap peas are in the ground, and basil and mint have made homes in my trusty porch gardening pots. Gardening calms me and allows me to focus, notice, and appreciate the little and beautiful things. I know gardening is good for my heart, soul, and according to my CGM - my blood sugars. A great way to get muscles moving and a yummy and delicious access to fresh veggies and fruit, FTW!


Connecting with friends and family via video/phone calls helps me (and my friends and family) connect with others and feel less isolated. As does having a handful of friends I safely socially distance with (6 feet apart, masks on, lots of handwashing).


I’ve started reading books for pleasure again, not because I have too. And I’ve started re-reading my favorite books for inspiration, relaxation, and getting lost again in the stories I love.

Practicing mindfulness

I attend a weekly 75-minute online mindfulness class almost every Saturday morning at 8 am. The class helps me to feel balanced and more centered, which in turn, helps my stress and glucose levels. I’m on a tight budget and the class costs 20 dollars a week — it’s totally worth it!

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