How to Stay Motivated With New Lifestyle Changes

Last updated: October 2023

Making some lifestyle changes can make a big difference when you are a person living with type 2 diabetes. While adjusting your eating habits, getting regular physical activity, and monitoring your blood sugar levels are crucial, staying motivated can feel overwhelming.

Staying motivated with managing type 2 diabetes

In this article, I'll provide some ideas for how to stay motivated with these changes so you can live a happy, healthy life with type 2 diabetes.

Set realistic goals

I've found that setting realistic goals helps me to stay motivated. It's important to remember that lifestyle habits take time to show results and won't happen overnight. Setting achievable goals will help you stay motivated and committed to making those positive changes.

For example, start by setting a goal of walking for 10 minutes daily, then gradually increase your time as you feel comfortable. This can help you make a habit out of the activity. Small changes can add up to make a significant impact, so don't underestimate the power of setting achievable goals.

Finding a T2D support group

Living with type 2 diabetes can sometimes feel isolating, but joining a support group can make a positive difference. By connecting with others who are going through similar experiences, you can gain valuable insights, tips, and inspiration to help you stay motivated. Support groups can be found online, like in forums, virtually, or in person, and joining one can help you feel less alone.

Schedule regular appointments

Regular checkups with your doctor, diabetes education specialist (CDCES), or registered dietitian are crucial for staying on track with your lifestyle changes. These checkups can help you see how your body responds to your nutrition and exercise changes and can help you understand how to adjust your lifestyle plan.

By scheduling regular checkups, you can stay informed about the practices you have been using and that have effectively maintained a healthy lifestyle.

Celebrate your small victories

Remember to celebrate all victories along the way. For example, if you've managed to lower your blood sugar levels, celebrate your success by treating yourself to an activity you enjoy. Celebrating small "wins" can help you stay motivated and incentivize you to stay committed to your lifestyle changes.

Mix up your routine

Lastly, mix up your routine to avoid getting bored or feeling uninspired. Try new recipes, switch up your exercise activities, or find a new hobby that keeps you active and engaged.

Switching up your routine can even include getting family and friends involved to help you stay motivated and keep you accountable to your lifestyle changes for the long haul.

Staying committed to type 2 diabetes management

Living with type 2 diabetes can be challenging, but with the right mindset, it's possible to make lifestyle changes that will positively impact your health.

Remember to set realistic goals, connect with others through support groups, schedule regular checkups, celebrate small victories, and mix up your routine. By following these tips, you can stay inspired and committed to living a happy, healthy life with type 2 diabetes. So go ahead and take that first step towards a better you!

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