Newly Diagnosed? How to Be Prepared for Whatever the Day May Bring!

So many things have changed with your new diagnosis it can feel overwhelming. Not only did you have to learn to check your blood sugar level, and repeat it multiple times a day, but you also need to watch or change the way you eat. Even if you have had diabetes for a long time, it can still be tough to manage. Do not be afraid, you are not alone and you can conquer all these changes and be successful!

Here are a few common situations you may find yourself in, and new ways to manage them:

Car trips that last longer than planned

Remember that time you went antiquing and a two hour visit turned into six? When you plan ahead, you will not get caught in the middle of no where with nothing to eat. Try keeping graham crackers or a juice box on hand for a low blood sugar. For healthy snacking you could have 5 whole grain crackers and single serve peanut or almond butter packets.

It may be beneficial to pack a small lunch box or kit that could be left in your car for emergencies or unplanned events. Some ideas for items to keep on hand are:

  • testing supplies
  • graham crackers for low blood sugars
  • juice boxes for low blood sugars
  • bottled water
  • whole grain crackers
  • single serve peanut or almond butter packets
  • granola bars

Birthday parties with tricky menus

Before diabetes, you may have eaten whatever there was to offer. But now, things need to be a little more thought out. Consider calling the hostess before and asking to bring your own dish, something you know you can eat. That way, if there are not any other good options, you know you have one food that contains fiber, protein and carbohydrate. A diabetes friendly lasagna recipe may be the perfect choice and is easy to share! I like to swap out lasagna noodles for zucchini.

Celebrating life events

You just got a big promotion! Your daughter just got engaged! Previously, celebrating such events may have centered around a special meal. Consider changing these traditions and making it about more than food. Try having a spa day with a manicure or massage. You could plan a new experience like indoor rock climbing. Even a shopping day with your favorite people can become the main event!

Curbing that sweet tooth

Prior to your diagnosis you may have looked forward to your daily sweet. Now that things are different you may be feeling like you have had to give up everything. Try substituting your favorite treat. Sugar-free jello with cool whip or sugar-free pudding may satisfy your sweet tooth without throwing off your blood sugars.

Be sure to speak with your physician or a dietitian about any questions you have. The more you know, the better you will be able to manage your type 2 diabetes!

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