How Grilling Helped Me Better Manage My Diabetes

Today was date day. Usually we go out each Saturday, drive around, maybe some shopping and then head over to a restaurant. Today she woke up and didn’t want to go anywhere. So she got out some steaks, beer brats, and hot dogs. Marinated them with some sesame oil, Mrs. Dash and low sodium soy sauce. She had some small exerciser come in yesterday and I put it together for her. I then double checked the air pressure machine I had received to make sure it worked. Then it was time to hit the grill.

My indoor/outdoor grill

She fixed some green beans and some small petite potatoes to go with the meat I was going to grill. Got out the George Foreman outdoor/indoor grill and started the cooking outside. Steaks came out very well. Just the way I like them. Nice and rare. Fixed hers medium rare. She’s not too crazy about the red juices coming out when cutting into one as I am. Oh well. I also grilled the others as well. All came out beautiful.

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes the dietitian told me to cut way down and if possible to stay away from the fast food chains. To get baked, roasted or grilled instead. But I got tired of the baked and roasted after awhile and it had been many years since I had grilled. So I went back to fast food at times.

Grilling has helped me in managing my diabetes

I used to cook on a charcoal grill but never failed that when I did we would have winds come in and she was worried about grill turning over and causing a fire. So, we got rid of it. I went and got a small gas grill. Super hot here and she was worried about the heat and bottles. Decided to get rid of that as well.

One day my wife saw an infomercial about the George Foreman outdoor/indoor grill. How it was perfect for regular users and for apartment use etc. So got that for us. Tried it out and loved it. I heat it up, add some olive oil to cook whatever she decides we want to eat. Will cook enough to last us a week. Food tastes very good and has very good sear marks on them. As I started grilling more and more I noticed that it was easier for me to have better blood glucose readings due to my having cut down on a lot of greasy foods. I'd eat the correct portions of meat and would also measure the vegetables and rice as well. I started losing weight that I had been gaining back again. And now have been keeping it off. I've gotten better control of my A1Cs and it's stopped creeping back up and started going back down again as well. Yes, grilling has greatly helped me in maintaining my diabetes.

True, we still go to the Chinese buffet on date day but I've learned to use the plate method there. Half is steamed broccoli, mushrooms, bok-choy and now that I tried eggplant and liked it I include that as the vegetable half as well. A tiny piece of salmon, couple small pieces of other meat and a small spoon of rice. But rest of the week it's grilled food throughout the week. As I said, I love grilling again and if this one quits on me, I'm getting another and staying with the grilling to help me keep control of my diabetes.

The foods I regularly grill

I told the wife that I want to get some salmon portions and maybe some tilapia to grill for me and some hot dogs for her due to knowing she’s not all that crazy about fish. Fine with me. Means more of that for me to eat. ;) I also told her that I want to grill some summer squash, zucchini, and some sweet onions. Will see how well that goes over but I'm actually craving that for some reason. Wonder how good broccoli would taste grilled. Anyone try that yet?

Advantages of an indoor/outdoor grill

Plus this site for the grill has some wonderful recipes to download as well. And I can grill in any type of weather. Wind, rain or what have you and not worry about anything. Easy for me to clean up also. Once it’s cooled off enough I just get some damp paper towels and do a wipe and clean with it. The only thing she’s told me I can’t do is bring into the house to grill because she didn’t want to walk around smelling the food after everything has been washed and put away. Can’t complain though. And today was very perfect for it. Just a nice gentle breeze while cooking.

It’s getting time and season that most people like to grill in. So get them out, clean them up and get ready for the grilling. Remember to keep an eye on grilling healthy, being safe and having fun.

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