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How are people doing with work issues during the COVID crisis?

I am newly diagnosed, just started taking 500mg Metformin 2x day. My a1c was 7.6. I have been working from home during pandemic, but my boss is telling me they need me back. Not sure of my options.

  1. Hi gawlfnut62, thanks for reaching out with your question. We're glad to hear you've been able to work from home during the pandemic. Have you communicated to your boss your situation? I believe that being open about your situation and sharing what you feel comfortable with in your particular job might be a good place to start. I would also ask what Covid-19 precautions are being taken in your work environement. Also, since you are newly diagnosed, I want to welcome you to the community. Keep us posted on your situation, and if you do have a conversation with your boss. -Ashlen, Type2diabetes.com community moderator

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