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Tips for diabetic OTR Truck Drivers

Seeking healthy meal ideas and snacks for my husband who is an OTR Truck Driver and a T2D.
We have hit a road block with managing his BS levels while he is on the road.

  1. It can sure be challenging to manage blood sugars while on the road, I can understand how this might need some extra attention. Our website contains an entire recipe section that is broken down by meals and includes snacks! The search engine allows you to search by ingredient, so you can be sure to find your husbands favorite foods! Best of luck! -Lauren (team member)

    1. Thank you!

      1. Yikes, that would be a tough nut to crack. It's hard enough to eat consistently low GI at home.

        I've identified a handful of fast food options that work for me when I'm on the road and decide to eat out. Chopped Leaf has some respectable salads that I default to whenever possible. Worst case scenario, Subway works if -- and only -- if -- I make it a custom salad and do not partake of any bread. Obviously, Subways are everywhere. I don't enjoy this much but it works when it has to.

        Most "real" restaurants can serve you up a tasty chunk of meat and some veggies easily enough if one has the discipline to stay away from potatoes, breads, pasta, rice, etc.

        As for road snacks, I lean on peanuts, almonds, cheese, protein shakes, albacore tuna, black beans etc. These things are fairly portable. My wife makes a killer, low glycemic index chili that I really enjoy if I have access to microwave. I'm diligent about taking vitamin supplements when I'm unable to work vegetables into the mix practically.

        In many ways, what dietary success I have achieved has been a product of my coming to grips with the fact that, for me as a T2D, food needs to be treated primarily as fuel, not comfort or recreation. And yeah, that does suck. But it sucks less than being unhealthy.

        Were I your husband, I would seriously consider another line of work that would involve less time spent sitting and more time in close proximity to your refrigerator. That said, I recognize that changing careers is a pretty big ask for a family man so you'll get no judgement from me on that front.

        1. Those are some great strategies for eating on the road, . Thanks for sharing. Warmly, Lori (Team Member)

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