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Sugar alternative? Swerve???

Good Morning- I'm looking for the optimal sugar replacement for my morning tea. I've been hearing a lot about Swerve, 'The Ultimate Sugar Replacement.' Is it too good to be true? Is there something better? Thank you.

  1. Hi there! This was a great question so we recently posed it to our Facebook community - if you'd like to see some ideas from community members, you can check it out here:

    Some recommended Stevia in the raw and Truvia.

    It's always important to note that reactions can vary by person as well so it's important to discuss with your doctor/care team and check to see what effect they have on your levels!

    Margot, team

    1. I was diagnosed T2 diabetic in 2009. Although I eat a healthy diet and have my blood sugar under control, occasionally I crave desserts. I may have a baked apple with cinnamon or a simple cheese cake with no crust and sweetened with splenda. These are all desserts that I can make at home but I am unable to find a website that caters to diabetics and offers low carb products that have a moderate if not low impact on but glucose. Can anyone recommend?

      1. Something natural like honey.

        1. I like Splenda when using sugar replacement. I even have a friend that does all her baking with it. I use it with my oatmeal all the time but each individual have their own tastes.

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