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Sweet snacks recipes

Hello all! I am new to this community and excited to have so many resources to turn to for support, answers, and ideas. I have a huge sugar addiction! I am a junk food junkie. I always go for sweets and just can't get it under control. I would love some recipes for sweet snacks that would satisfy a sugar craving.

  1. Hi bethany46, we are happy to have you in our community! I hope other members may be able to chime in with their experiences and favorite snack recipes.

    We have lots of diabetes-friendly snack and dessert recipes that could be helpful!

    This recipe for fudge looks really good:

    Please let us know if you try making any of these dessert recipes!

    All the best,
    Jacqueline (Team Member)

    1. Hello , I'm with you on the sweets. I am an ice cream junkie. There are some great recipes here that I have tried. Try this one. If you need more recipes, let me know. Take care, Diane - Team Member

      1. Hello bethany46, My advice would be to gradually reduce your cravings for sweets. You will find that as time goes by your body will adjust & you will change if you give it enough time. I used to put sugar in my coffee, & drank soda, but I gradually reduced the sugar & for at least 10 years I don’t use any sweetness at all, and I hardly ever drink soda.

        1. Hi I struggle with sweets to I love my Kit Kat, chocolate bar, once in a while, and I use to drink regular pop, and I drink diet twice a day now much better than 4 times a day like I use to and it wasn’t diet then, I know they say diet isn’t good either but if I don’t I would go crazy, that’s the only caffeine I drink, the second pop is diet decaf. I crave a sweet everyday. This diet can be torture especially when your under constant stress. And I tell ya I have a lot of stress, I have an adult son with autism, another adult son with drug addiction, my husband has type 2 diabetes to,
          and my mom died a few years back and the grief is so hard I miss her she kept me sane and was there when I had a bad day. My son with autism lives with another couple but it’s still stressful. I think that’s why I crave sweets so much because of stress. I have bladder issues not because of diabetes unrelated, it’s called IC, and been having lots of flares.

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