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Sugar Just Will Not Go Down

I do not have Type 2 only pre. It has never gone over 117. No lower than 102 since starting to watch it closely over 3 months ago
I am on a 100% plant based diet. Only the most healthiest of foods
I drink 1/2 to 3/4 gallon of water a day.
No sugar.
My only meds are apple cider vinegar and cinnamon supplements
My weight has gone from 212 to down 188.
Blood pressure 110/60.
Pulse 60-62
Exercise daily- 12,000 to 35,000 steps daily. No matter how hard I have and continue to try I just can not get it under 100. Any ideas? Sugestions?

  1. , thannks for sharing and reaching out. First off, congratulations to you on the changes you've already made!! Wow! Changing your diet, hydrating, eliminating sugar and daily exercise are the pillars for generating change. Has your glycemic control improved since making these changes? My guess is that it has improved and will continue to improve with time. As you've tackled these pillars, you can look at other aspects that may help as well. How is your stress level? How well do you sleep? In addition to speaking with your doctor and continuing the amazing work you are doing to better your health, this article may give some insight: Keep us posted on how you are doing, if you'd like. Your story is very encouraging and inspiring. Best, Kelly Dabel, RD - Community Moderator

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I just got back from climbing 67 flights of stairs. I took my level and it was 95 😀. I still plan on getting 12,000 steps in before I go to bed tonight. Pretty much everything you mentioned I have been and continue to do along with increasing my exercise routine. I am just so frustrated that I can not keep it down. I am 63 and never had a sugar problem in the past. Does getting old have an impact on your level? Thank you again Kelly. David

      1. Hi David, that's great to hear all that you've been doing! To answer your question about aging, getting older is definitely a factor in increased blood sugars: & It can be really frustrating trying to think of other ways to decrease blood sugars. Hopefully continuing to exercise and looking into the things Kelly has mentioned will help. Please keep us updated! Best, Minel (Team member)

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