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Do you have any favorite apps or software for diabetes management?

I am curious to know what apps are your favorite. Do these apps help you with your diabetic problems?

  1. I have started using a BP & Glucose app (it is a blue icon with a white drop shape with a heart rate symbol inside the drop) to monitor both of those and I am also able to set reminders for taking my medications on it. I experience brain fog and my focus/concentration isn't always the best these days due to having been through chemotherapy, so it is really helpful to keep me on task and I have my results in the same place. I also utilize my Walgreens app for managing my meds. I only see my doctor about every 3 months or so but if I have questions or anything in-between visits, I utilize the MyChart app. I really like utilizing the app for recipes. I enjoy good food and trying new things, but have been trying to make things healthier and I use the app to find similar but healthier ways to make things.

    1. That's really nice to hear Liz. Apps influence our lives daily, a lot in my opinion.

  2. Wow, that is really interesting. I also use MyChart daily.

    1. I use MySugr and MyNetDiary to keep track

      1. Thanks for sharing what helps! Warmly, Lori (Team Member)

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