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No weight loss on Mounjaro

I’ve been on Mounjaro 15 for about one year. It’s been a little off and on because of problems obtaining the drug, BUT I haven’t lost any weight. My A1C has dropped and my doctors are happy with that. Has anyone else not lost weight on Mounjaro?

  1. Hi Barb, thanks for posting your question to the forums section of our site. I do hope that members of this community chime in and give you their personal feedback. I am so glad to hear that your A1C has dropped. What is your A1C if you don't mind sharing? -Lauren (team member)

    1. hi! Right now it is 7.2, but that is good for me. I’ve been as high as 10 and 11 before, so my endocrinologist is happy for now!

    2. So glad to hear Barb! I hope that you are feeling well. All the best, Lauren (team member)

  2. Barb, I also have not lost weight, but my A1C numbers have dropped, 3 months ago 6.5, will be checking it with the doctor this week, pretty sure it’s lower now. I started on the 2.5, then went to the 5.0 then she moved me to the 7.5 Mounjaro. I have been on it for a little over a year now, and my weight has been the same since I started. I am thinking on going to the 10 Mounjaro, wondering if the higher dose will work for me. I have heard also that it doesn’t work on some people, why do I have to be the lucky one that it doesn’t work on!!

    1. I agree - why are we the lucky ones?! I wouldn’t hesitate about going up in the medication but that’s just me. At least it’s doing its main job - lowering A1C!!

  3. Barb, Hi. I started out on Ozempic and lost 80 pounds in almost two years. My A1C dropped from around 7.0 down to 5.6. However, my weight loss stalled and after weeks with no weight loss, I requested that my endocrinologist switch me to Mounjaro. She agreed since I was still in the "obese" category for my height. I went through all the doses of Mounjaro excepting the highest possible dose. I lost only 20 pounds total during all this time, then once again, my weight loss stalled. My endo did not want to put me on the highest dose becaude my A1C had dropped from 5.6 down to 4.8 on Mounjaro. She was afraid I would be having too many low blood sugar readings if she moved me up another dose. Instead, we are trying Ozempic once again, making sure I check my blood sugar often. So we are waiting to see how this plays out.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, . I can understand why you might feel disappointed about your weight loss plateauing after such a dramatic decrease. Fortunately, it sounds like you have a great team supporting you, and it sounds like they are trying their best to help with both the weight loss and managing your A1C so that it's not too low. How do you feel about trying Ozempic again? Feeling hopeful, hesitant, not too sure? Hope to hear an update from you soon. - Cody (Team Member)

  4. Hello , Just checking in to see how you are doing. Are you still on Mounjaro or did you get on something else? We would like to hear from you. Diane (Team Member)

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