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New to this, and confused

After I ate I waited the hour and took my levels and they were 150, I thought I didn’t get the sample right and retook it on another finger and it said 169. Why would it be climbing after the 1 hour mark?

  1. Hi . Blood sugar spikes usually come one to two hours after eating a meal. So, that's probably why it continued to climb a bit. Still, it would be good to talk with your doctor about it. Here is an article about improving those post-meal numbers that might interest you: I hope this helps. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. You are to check your sugars 2 hours after eating soon as you put food in your mouth look at the clock and remember the time and and when it’s 2 hours check your glucose with your meter, you checked to early. It’s 2 hours after you eat not 1 hour after you eat. Hope that helps. To get more help talk to your doctor, to see a Diabetes Educator, they are usually through your local hospital.

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