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My fasting blood sugar is always high, in the 200's!!

I know it is called the Dawn Phenomenon! Once I start my day and take my meds, it comes down but for the life of me, not sure what to do! I know all about low carb, etc but sometimes that is very hard to do.

  1. , Thanks for reaching out. You may want to change up what you are eating before bed or having any medications adjusted. Be sure to reach out to your doctor about the numbers you are seeing if you haven't already. In addition to speaking with your doctor, this article may also be helpful: Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

    1. I agree, changing our diet is really important.

  2. The diet here is really important. Maybe it is time to change it up.

    1. I agree with bravo, diet is almost always the cause of everything. A proper diet would help in moderation of this disease.

    2. Thanks for your input! Do you follow a specific diet? -Ashlen community moderator

  3. high blood sugar is an indication that you have been constantly eating carbohydrate which the body cannot absorb, in this case, you should stick to your supplement or glucose stabilizing supplement which works best for me.

    1. , thanks for chiming in! That's true, carbs can definitely spike blood sugar. There are some other things that can impact blood sugar too. It's best that everyone works with their HCP to find out what could be the cause and what would be a good management plan for them, since everyone is different. Thanks again for sharing your experiences! Best, Minel (Team Member)

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