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What medication should I talk to my doctor about?

I am an insulin dependent type 2 Diabetic. I think I need to add something else to the mix.

I took Januvia for several years but overall did not see much difference. after taking it for a few years, I became allergic to it.

I cannot take metformin or glipizide as I became allergic to these as well after several years. I have seen commercials for many different diabetes drugs like Rybelsus, Tresiba, etc.

I am planning to talk with my doctor and see if he will write a prescription for one of these medicines.

Which medicine would be best to discuss with him? I would like to be informed when I speak to him regarding this matter... At this time I am reading good things about Rybelsus. Your insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  1. Hi there! Great question - and so good that you are becoming informed as well - it will really vary by person and as you mention your past experiences so it will be good to see what he is thinking! You can find more on medications here: and Tresiba here: as well. Let us know how the chat goes! Best, Margot, Team Member

    1. I'm on Ozempic. It was a blessing for me.

      1. Hi there, thanks for sharing that Ozempic is working well for you? How long have you been taking it and how have your side effects been? I hope to hear that you are doing well. -Lauren (team member)

    2. 2 years I have been taking it. No side effects yet. But would love to hear what others have had for side effects..

      1. How wonderful, ! I hope Ozempic continues to help and that you never experience any negative effects. - Lori (Team Member)

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