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How do I keep my glucose levels low?

I have been type 2 diabetic for probably 15 years. Have always struggled to keep my glucose levels below 200. Been on Metformin xr 2x a day and added glizpride. NO HELP. Added Trulicity. BAD SIDE EFFECTS and did not see results. Then added Jardiance to Metformin. No improvement.

Other options beyond insulin

Called the endo back and she said there were no other options except insulin. I was wondering if it could be Metformin? Does anyone have a solution? I do exercise as much as I should. A1C was 8.5.

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  1. Control Your Carb Intake.

    1. Thanks for asking, ! I hope you'll get some more community responses to see what works for them. Metformin doesn't work for everyone, as everyone's bodies are different. We actually surveyed our members about their treatment regimens and there were definitely lots of variations on treatments used: I would suggest talking with your endo about your concerns and questions in regards to if metformin could be the culprit, alternatives, and your concerns with insulin.

      You may be interested in reading more about different treatment options, which can be found here:

      Also, you might already know this, but here are some tips on how to lower your A1c that might be helpful:

      I hope you'll find some answers!

      Minel ( Team Member)

      1. Hie JOJO59!
        First of all I am not a doctor and I do not have diabetes, BUT, I helped two of my acquiantances.
        One of them managed to cut the insulin on half after 30 days and the other one is ok only with diet and exercise.
        What did they do?
        Before I tell you what they done, here is something more about me:
        I have been recomended for operation on my spine 'cause of my problems with sciatica. In order to solve my problems (and I did solve it) I began studied asian doctors. With what I learned I managed not to get operated and now I do not have any problems what so ever.
        Probably you are thinking what my problem has to do with you?
        Nothing. But has lot to do with you everything I learned on side trying to solve my problem.
        And I learned Something elementary...
        You can not look at your body on parts.
        It is one and you must look at it as whole.
        So before you do anything (and I mean anything) it would be a great thing if you put your body in the ''normal'' state.
        What I mean by that?
        If you do not eat as you should (diabet diets), how much you should, when you should;, if you do not sleep as much as you should; if you do not drink water (without chlorin) as much as you should and if you do not practice any fisical activity;
        there is very few possibilities that anything else will help you to manage any state your body have (when I say fisical activity, it would be ok just to go on 45 min of fast walk every day. What it means ''fast walk''? As fast as you can without feeling bad, but to know what it means you need a doctor advice).
        These are fondamentals.
        Without these fondamentals you are just deceiving yourself.
        It's like doing advanced mathematics without knowing how much is 2+2.
        It's like you get in the car but you don't know how to drive.
        You just can't.
        When you have fondamentals you start looking for best possible sources of information for the food and water.
        Which means food you can eat you buy the best possible avaliable.
        You will make your decisions based on informations you have.
        If your information are not good, how will your decisions be?
        I can not tell you here what to eat because I do not know you meaning that I don't know if you have allergies or intolerances or if you have any other conditions for which you should or shouldn't eat something.
        Here is something basic which you can do immediatelly:
        Do not eat sugar and white flour.
        You already know this but do you really respect this?
        Information itself doesn't help you if you don't apply it.
        BTW, I do not eat sugar (refined), and white flour for 5 years now and I feeling wonderfull.
        People very often think that they should do something extraordinary in order to do something.
        Health (like wealth) is not something that you achieve (or lose) by night.
        It is made of all the little things that you do (or do not do) day by day.
        Hope this will help you.

        1. Hi there, thank you for sharing your experiences. It's great to hear how you've researched and helped folks you know. I definitely agree that health is an everyday process. Many people have also found success looking holistically. But everyone's bodies are different too and I do think it's important to remember that. For others, it's a good idea to connect with a registered dietician or certified diabetes educator if possible to get the personalized care needed from a trusted source. Thanks again for sharing your experiences! Best, Minel (Team Member)

      2. Hi! I totally agree with .

        I'm not a doctor. I'm a certified holistic nutritionist and I help people struggling to control high blood pressure [HBP] (which is something that I struggled with myself before researching how to control it naturally without meds).

        I found that most of the people with HBP who were seeking help also had type 2 diabetes and needed help lowering their blood glucose.

        I always recommend nutritional and lifestyle changes. These really work to not only control HBP but also help control blood glucose which is great for people with type 2 diabetes.

        You can definitely, can try cutting out refined sugar and white flour from your meals. This will have a great impact on your blood glucose levels.

        I would be happy to share more free information to help you win at keeping your blood sugar levels low. Please send me a message if you want more details.

        1. Hi. Thx for offering to help! I've been type 2 for about 3 years now and am on glipizide, atenolol for hbp and insulin in the mornings. My glucose recently tends to be in high 180s-low 200s past few weeks. I'm eating well! Salads, chicken, salmon, green vegetables, bell peppers, squash, apples, and other fruit, lol potatoes or brown rice, super food shakes, etc. Feel like I still can't eat ANYTHING without numbers going up in range described above! Frustrating, let alone, concerning. Am I just supposed to eat like a rabbit?! If I get high numbers, I eat walnuts and garlic to aid in bringing back down. Would appreciate any and all support in helping me. I sooo want to reverse this!!! Starting to do exercise again.

        2. Hi , that for sure does sound very frustrating. Would you be able to talk with your doctor about seeing a certified diabetes educator or registered dietician? They may be able to help personalize suggestions since everyone is different. It's good to hear that walnuts and garlic help bring your numbers back down, but I can also understand being tired of eating some of the same things. You may be able to find some of these articles helpful related to controlling blood sugars: What kinds of exercise have you been doing? I know sometimes a walk after a meal will help lower some folks' readings. Best, Minel (Team Member)

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