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how to gain weight as a diabetic

hi, please help. i need to gain weight. thanks

  1. Hello @bobafett. Have you discussed this with your doctor? I am guessing that you have some other health issue(s) going on in addition to Type 2 Diabetes that would cause you to need to gain weight. Most Type 2 Diabetics are trying to lose weight and I have found no resources on our website to help with that. The only thing I know to do since I have no other information to go on is to eat more frequently, have more protein, and do strength building, like weightlifting.

    1. I have this problem, too. I was diagnosed in 2018 and given a list of foods to avoid and portion sizes for virtually everything I could eat. At the time I was 133lbs which gave me a BMI of 25.9. I stuck to the “it isn’t a diet” diet and in three months had lost 38lbs and couldn’t stop losing weight. The diabetes nurse said I was a healthy weight but the mirror said I wasn’t! Have put on 2lbs since then but struggle to keep my weight up and my cholesterol and A1c down. If you find any solutions I’d love to know! Not dead yet!

      1. hi, what type of foods do you eat? thanks

        1. Hello, I was told to follow a moderate carb diet. No more than 3 portions (fist size) of fruit a day, 3 different fruits at 3 different meals, max 150g boiled or baked potato (I don't eat any), 2 heaped tablespoons Basmati or brown (ugh) rice, 3 heaped tablespoons pasta, preferably wholemeal (wet cardboard), no more than 3 slices wholemeal bread. 60 - 90g cooked meat or poultry, 5g butter or 10g low fat spread, 30g cheese. Originally told I could have sugar free cereal but that's been removed now. I'm allowed 200ml 2% milk. I can have unlimited green, leafy vegetables (hooray!)
          I mostly eat chicken or an omelette with salad or green vegetables but have something "naughtier" like steak, about once a week.
          Was sent to a dietician who told me to add butter and cream to my mashed potato! When I said I have high cholesterol she said, "Well, just eat more. IT'S NOT A RESTRICTIVE DIET!' I managed not to hit her and then she said I could have all sorts of unsuitable things that I've been craving, like dessert once a week, but after 3 months my A1c level had returned to when I was first diagnosed.
          I think I just have to accept that this is the new normal as far as my weight is concerned and keep fighting my family's disapproval.
          What sort of things do you eat and have you been told to follow a particular eating pattern or just to keep your blood sugars in range?

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