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How many carbs should I eat per meal?

  1. Ideal carbohydrate intake varies greatly by individual, so it is best to find what works best for you through experience and working with your doctor, a registered dietician, certified diabetes educator, nutritionist, etc. What works well for some may not work well for others! Learn more about meal planning here:

    1. This is a great question for your Doctor and Dietitian. Everyone is different. The number of carbohydrates each person needs, depends on many factors including but not limited to their height, weight, progression of disease, medication needs, medical history, health goals, etc. In addition to seeking direction from your Doctor and Dietitian, this article has some helpful info on Meal planning and Carbohydrate consumption that may be helpful:

      1. This a great question! Every persons tolerance to carbohydrates is different. A one person responds to a certain amount of carbs (or certain food with carbs) may be entirely different that another person. Just as Kelly Dabel has mentioned, speak with you doctor, dietitian, and/or diabetes educator for a more specific carb recommendation. Some people may find that in order to find a carb amount that meets their individual needs, blood glucose levels need to be checked 1-2 hours after completion of a meal. If blood sugar is consistently less than 180 mg/dL 1-2 hours meal than the carb amount is likely not too excessive.

        1. I was a vegan until my recent diagnosis. I have read numerous articles and settled on ketonic diet with some modifications. Namely including soy milk, eggs, and sardines in my diet. I have found that less than 80 carbs a day is working for me.

          1. I saw a dietician who was uninterested in my vegan diet, didn't know how to add more protein without beans or lentils, and handed me an exchange sheet. Honestly, I have received no help being meat and dairy free. The doctor and the pharmacist, diabetes overseer, don't know what to tell me. I am very unhappy with my care.

          2. I'm sorry to hear this that must be frustrating. Have you tried to find other doctors or dietitians who may be more responsive and helpful with your vegan diet? We are thinking of you. I hope you can find a care team that you feel really can help you. Best, Margot, Team Member

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