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How do I help my husband with T2D?

All he does is take his meds nothing else. He is not insulin-dependent.

  1. Hi Tracy, we appreciate you reaching out with your question! How wonderful of you to want to be supportive for your husband. Something that can be very helpful is doing or assisting with grocery shopping, meal prepping and cooking. Shared goals can also be a great place to start. You can agree to go on walks every morning, do workouts, makes healthy meals together, etc. Emotional support is also important! Just letting your husband know that you are there to help and that you care can even be all he needs. Understanding that negative emotions may arise from managing Type 2 diabetes is definitely something to keep in mind. My partner has a chronic condition (asthma), and it is important in our relationship to have good communication. When he is having an asthma flare-up, I ask what I can do to help. Sometimes he needs something from me, sometimes he needs space. I think asking your husband what you can do would be a great idea as well. 😀 -Ashlen, community moderator

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