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Future therapies, what would you like to see?

Hi, I am a scientist who studies the effect of diabetes on arterial function. I would be interested to hear the perspective of patients with type 2 diabetes and what sort of therapies (medications) they would like to see to treat conditions that are not being met by current medications.

  1. Interesting, I am type 2 and currently taking Metformin, invokana and Ozempic. Which my A1c has been under 7 and blood sugars ok but i do experience highs not lows so much. I would like to see a drug that would be able to help with the taking of one medication. With all 3 of these i was able to get off of insulin and loose some weight. I also have PCOS poly cystic ovarian syndrome that throws my numbers all out of wack too. I was on victoza but then insurance stop covering. That seems to be an issue too at times so i get switched off of different medications cause of this. I am hoping that it can be just one medicine that would be simplified and affordable. The meds i am on now are good but now it seem i am at a standstill with them like my number are slowly creeping up and i have not changed anything in my diet or exercising.

    1. I would like to see a medication that you take once a day, and an easier way to test sugars without finger pricking, I know about Metformin but heard there are so many side effects so I am doing all this by diet and excercise only, I’ve been a Type 2 diabetic for nine years, and it’s taken a toll mentally. I know about the sensor on the arm and you swipe it to get your reading. But you still have to pack that around, and the sensors I heard can fall off. There’s got to be better ways. And some people feel uncomfortable taking this all out to test in front of people. What I really wish that there was a cure for all diabetes, people suffer to much with this disease, and give up, if you dont have it please read and educate yourself, what people go through everyday to manage this disease. There needs to be a cure. Or a medication so you don’t have to be on strict diet, and you can eat whatever you want.

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