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Diagnosed last month

I was diagnosed last month and testing my blood sugar twice daily. I have been reading alot. Does anyone have a go to for recipes and meal prepping ideas. I work 12 hr shifts and eat a lot on the go.

  1. Hi @Flash1221 - actually, yes! One of our writers recently wrote about handling long shifts here: https://type2diabetes.com/living/long-work-shift/ For more recipes you can visit https://type2diabetes.com/recipes and meal planning: https://type2diabetes.com/?s=meal+plan Hope this helps - keep us posted - we're here for you! Warmly, Margot, Type2Diabetes.com Team

    1. My mom is borderline and this help!
      Stay positive and be strong!


      1. I hoppe you feeling better now. Thanks to the link margot.

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