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Coping with stress and diabetes, what do you do to reduce the stress

I have been under alot of stress, and just want to know what does everyone do to relieve your stress so you don’t spike your sugars?

  1. Thanks for reaching out. I hope our community shares with you some personal experiences and ways they manage stress. In addition to speaking with your doctor, this article has some great info on stress and how to manage it: Wishing you the best, Kelly, Community Moderator

    1. I watch funny shows and movies. I love a good 80's-90's sitcom show! I also enjoy reading a good book or spending some quality time with loved ones. What hobbies do you enjoy?
      -CJ, Community Moderator

      1. I do zentangle, pattern doodling. Google it. LM

        1. I do the same. Or at least try. Lol

        2. i am diabetes patient some time i feel stress so i do zentangle.

      2. , thank you for your question. In addition to what was mentioned here, I wanted to let you know that we share this forum with our Facebook followers as well. Here is the link, if you are interested in seeing what they had to say: Some responses included having a routine, getting enough sleep, playing good music/shows, breathing techniques and more. Best, Minel (Team Member)

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