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Have you ever experienced any diabetes-related complications?

Have you ever experienced any diabetes-related complications? Diabetes can affect many different parts of your body. This is especially true if your blood sugar remains high, as uncontrolled A1c levels can seriously increase the risk of developing some complications that can affect many different parts of the body, such as our heart, feet, kidneys, eyes, skin, mouth, teeth, gums, nerves, and more.

If you have had diabetes-related complications, what have you done to manage them? Did they affect your (or others') perception of diabetes?

If you haven't had any complications, is it something that you are worried about potentially developing? What have you been doing to lower your risk of complications?

  1. Yes I was told I have neuropathy in my hands and feet. So the complications are true that you can have even with keeping your sugar controlled.

    1. , thank you for sharing! Yes, that's a good point. It's possible to have complications even when keeping your sugar controlled. Have you been doing anything that helps with your neuropathy? I know it can be quite painful sometimes. Best, Minel (Team Member)

  2. I heard a lot of skin diseases accompany diabetes.

    1. @bravo99 - Unfortunately, yes they can. Here is a summary of some of the skin issues people with type 2 diabetes can experience: Take care! - Kelsey, team member

  3. I thought I posted. Maybe not.
    My a1c Is definitely lower than 8.
    And I'm under pretty good control.
    Thing is, I have a hard time distinguishing cold from wet with my feet, and parts of my legs.
    Drives me mad at night, in bed...

    1. , that sounds extremely frustrating and irritating. I can see why it can also make it hard to sleep at night. Have you been experiencing it for quite a while? I appreciate you sharing. Best, Minel (Team member)

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    1. , thank you for sharing this link! Is this what you do to help manage your diabetes-related complications? Best, Minel (Team Member)

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