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Looking for a low-carb version for one of your favorite Mexican dishes? These mini “tacos” are packed with flavor, fiber, and protein. Replacing taco shells with zucchini loads this meal with extra vitamins and […]

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Good article Katie!! On the yogurt check to see if you have a Kroger or one of it’s family members grocery store in your area. If so, check and see if they have a yogurt called Carb Master(s) in it.

Very low carbs and sugars. Think sugar averages around 2-3g and carbs maybe 4-5g.

When I was first diagnosed the dietitian had written down…

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Short on time? Freeze these slices so you can pop them into the toaster for later!

Interested in learning more about starchy vegetables, like sweet potato, and their impact on blood glucose levels? Check out […]

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I find the cheese grater so crazy I cannot imagine someone doing that. There are new products that will allow you to keep your feet in good shape. I use one that is terrific and keeps my feet more like how they feel fete my podiatrist treats them. Not sure I can promote the product here though.