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Told my doc today my thigh was numb, comes and goes, she said not to worry about it, so I looked it up on Google, had some fancy name related to diabetes, it too said not to be concerned. It’s confusing, that’s for sure. High number this am 159 then 90 after lunch. Detailing everything I eat. Lots of fruit makes me spike along with Oatmeal! Hang…

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Make this delicious dish to have for the week, with many leftovers, or for a family dinner.

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Ingredients for shrimp, […]

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Very true Shelly. sometimes it’s a hard fall and sometimes we’re luck and fall on some grass but either way it’s getting back up, dusting off and back on the ride again until the next fall.Never ending cycle I suppose. But at least we know we’re not alone in this thing of ours and can always count on someone to talk to even if it’s just to get it…

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Hi there. Thank you for your comments. I believe you have misunderstood. I am not, and have never been, jealous of others who have the results they both want and get. As a matter of record, I am thrilled for you and others! I have been diabetic for 14 years. I am 60 yrs old. I am just tired of being diabetic some days. For the most part I live…