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Mama had breast fed all of the kids up to a certain time when she then started bottle feeding. It’s a shame that there’s so much stigma assigned to breast feeding out in the open now days. People should pull heads out. 😉

This is a great article. I never knew about this happening and helping women with diabetes. Thanks Katie. I’m going to…

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@4posie you might want to bring it up to your doctor and see if they can come up with something else for you to try.

I’d watch trying all of the “try this and it’s guaranteed to bring your sugars under control”. When I was first dx someone told me to try some oils from this one site they always bought stuff from(their vitamins etc). So I go to…

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Woke up this morning with sever leg cramps again Haven’t had them for awhile. But seems they’re coming back again. I used to wake up about 2 or 3 in the morning with them so bad I’d be hollering and using words that would make a sailor blush. Wife would try to quieten me down saying I was going to wake up the neighborhood. Didn’t care. Hurt too…