Lizmari Collazo

About Lizmari Collazo

Lizmari was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2009, after a couple of years of escalating symptoms, and the loss of her professional job in Human Resources. Today, she is a much healthier person, and dedicates her time to help advocate and educate about this disease.

By Lizmari Collazo - December 5, 2016
Do you remember your diabetes diagnosis anniversary? Is it something you ever ponder upon? How does it make you feel when you ponder upon the day you were diagnosed? Were you ever... READ MORE

By Lizmari Collazo - October 27, 2016
For the last month, I’ve had a local man contact my office with need of transportation to his dialysis appointments. Appointments which are about 40 miles away. We cannot help directly —... READ MORE