Gift Ideas for with Awareness!

Gift Ideas for the Holidays - With Awareness!

Diabetes awareness isn't just about being knowledgeable about all that is diabetes... Diabetes awareness is also be about being aware of that person in our lives that lives with diabetes and of their challenges. Now, we may long to get something for everyone on our list... and we may want to get something for that someone that shows them we care, but without bogging them down in diabetic clichés as gifts. (Not another glucose meter, or cookbook please…) So what do we get for our favorite sweet peep? What do we get that will say “I want to make things a little easier for you,” or “I empathize with your journey?” or “Let’s laugh at diabetes together?”  Now not everyone will want (or need) every item on this list, so don’t shoot the messenger!  But I always keep a bookmark list of things which I want, or I think are FUN whenever I see them.  Here, in no order of importance, a list of IDEAS to help you shop for that special sweet someone on your list.

  • Do they need encouragement? Remind them that they’re made of more than just sugar… Is your loved one burnt out on diabetes management? Sometimes, a gentle reminder that we know they are strong, courageous people, can make a big difference.
  • Do they struggle measuring pasta? Spoil them with a kitchen convenience item.I don’t know about you, but I’ve become addicted to kitchen convenience items, especially now… This portion control pasta basket is perfect for me because I can automatically divide the portions for myself and for my husband.
  • Do they miss potato chips? Help them make healthy versions in the microwave. Do they miss potato chips and are always reaching for them? Well, now you can make them at home, in your microwave, with NO OIL. That’s right. You can make enough for one or two servings, and use no oil. Make potato chips, apple chips, tarot chips, carrot chips, you name it! I have this item at home, and I love it.
  • Do they struggle keeping fresh produce at home? Help them grow it in their kitchen.It can be challenging getting to the store for fresh produce all the time, especially in winter. Sometimes we’re just not up to it. So keep the fresh produce nearby, as close as your kitchen counter, with an aeroponic growing device. Grow fresh veggies, lettuces, herbs, etc., indoors, all year round… whenever you want! Just add water and nutrients – it even tells you when, and it has its own lights. A variety of sizes and prices to choose from.
  • Would they like have an occasional drink in moderation? Help them keep track. Does your favorite diabetic like to toast to the holidays? No, you shouldn’t really police them… but they can keep track of how much they’ve had with this handy wine glass, or they can also measure how much they’re putting in that recipe. Hey, better than eyeballing it, before it’s too late.
  • Do they enjoy warm showers, but struggle with nerve damage? Help them know how warm is too warm.Buy them a showerhead with special LEDs that change color depending on the water temperature. Many choices to choose from on Amazon.
  • Do they want to drink more water, but don’t want to drink more water? Get them a water bottle with a flavor infuser.It has a well for your favorite fruit, or veggies, and get yourself a break from drinking plain water – without having to have straight juice, or other drinks.
  • Do they miss their favorite holiday recipes? Learn how to make them healthier versions.Our community has very many healthy versions of our favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas classics.
  • Do they long for a new pancreas? Give them a new one.Don’t you wish you get them a new pancreas? Well, now you can… a stuffed one, that is. Make them chuckle with their own brand new pancreas, from I Heart Guts.
  • Do they feel TIRED of diabetes? Plan out a day with them where NO ONE talks or brings up their diabetes, unless absolutely necessary. Or a day where someone else does all the cooking, or packs the lunch box, or packs the supplies, or thinks of testing. Or better yet, buy them ANYTHING they want that has NOTHING to do with diabetes, and then just lend them your time, your ears, and your empathy.

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