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Medications & Prescription Treatment

Would love to ditch Metformin!

  • By 4posies

    I am a 5’2″ skinny 62 yr. old female T2 diabetic diagnosed 6 years ago. I’ve gone WFPlant based in hopes of improving but I still have trouble. What does one have to do to to reverse this ugly disease?

  • By Thomas A McAtee Jr. Moderator

    @4posie you might want to bring it up to your doctor and see if they can come up with something else for you to try.

    I’d watch trying all of the “try this and it’s guaranteed to bring your sugars under control”. When I was first dx someone told me to try some oils from this one site they always bought stuff from(their vitamins etc). So I go to that site looking at the stuff he had talked about. All of it said never tested on humans or maybe tested on one person. Ahhh, what kind of crap were they trying to pull. But I’d seriously watch trying out home remedies w/o talking to your doctor and team. Again, talk to your doctor and see what she/he advises.

    Wife keeps telling me about all the stuff she sees on television advertising to just sprinkle it on your food and in your drinks and whala you’re under control. I’ve even seen where some were posting on a social site about putting okra in a glass of water and drinking it and how you’d be off of insulin etc. Really?? Yet I’m sure people were falling for that kind of stuff too.

    Be very careful of what you do on your own. You could do more harm than good at times. So, give them a call or bring it up when you visit them next time around.