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General Discussion


  • By Thomas A McAtee Jr. Moderator

    Woke up this morning with sever leg cramps again Haven’t had them for awhile. But seems they’re coming back again. I used to wake up about 2 or 3 in the morning with them so bad I’d be hollering and using words that would make a sailor blush. Wife would try to quieten me down saying I was going to wake up the neighborhood. Didn’t care. Hurt too bad to care. This morning they started with small minor cramps taht went away but all of a sudden the big ones hit and hit very hard. I was cussing again and loud as they hurt. She started getting the towels soaked with hot water wrapped around them to help ease the pain to where they didn’t hurt as bad and finally went away. Decided to do some searching about cramps and diabetes. Discovered several health sites about diabetes that also mentioned cramps. And yes I’m getting plenty of potassium and eating bananas etc. My reads have been fairly decent this month but they’re coming back.
    Then my hands also started cramping on and off throughout the day.

    My next appointment with my doctor is in July but might send a message to the team and let them know about what’s going on and see if she’ll want me to come in early or wait till then. I’ve been taking Lyrica for the burning in the feet(have nerve damage in them thanks to diabetes), was taking Ultram for pain in knees but got off of that and taking something else instead for that. Don’t know what she’ll do.

    Although I’ve been maintaining very well since 2013 I’m going to talk to her and maybe the DE to see if they think that the diabetes is working on my legs now also.

  • By rl1b8i

    Hey Riddler – I was suffering leg cramps in the middle of the night that had me hopping out of bed to straighten out my leg, etc. It was nearly every night. About a year ago, my left calf cramped up so bad that it made an audible popping noise as I was trying to get out of bed. It took me several minutes to be able to move. That is a pain I do not want to experience again. What I did to combat the cramps is up my water intake to at least 50 oz of water a day, and I drink one Propel water a day to replenish electrolytes. It’s been a year and I can count on one hand the cramping incidents I have had since this little adjustment. It might help for you, I don’t know. I am not a health care professional.

  • By Thomas A McAtee Jr. Moderator

    Thanks for thinking of the water. I drink plenty of water. Guess that it’s so much throughout the day that the wife questions me all the time about drinking so much water.
    I went a message through the team email to my DE this afternoon about it. Hopefully will have a response within a day or two. They usually respond within a day but she’s constantly busy so sometimes takes her a bit longer to return emails and calls. Told her I drink plenty of water, eat the bananas and about my labs always showing potassium levels good. Will see what she thinks also.

    I’ve had those very stiff cramps also where I couldn’t even try to stand up at all. I’d try to massage them out but only thing that helped was those hot towels and trying to massage them at same time.