My Type Two Experience

I’ve always had trouble managing eating and ate a lot of carbs. I never really followed a specific diet. Within the last few years, I started having mental health issues and started eating more (and a lot of carbs). I’ve been considered pre-diabetic for many years and never really took it seriously. Recently I started not to feel like myself, feeling fatigued and experiencing symptoms that weren’t normal for me.

Newly diagnosed and feeling alone

Now I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I feel alone. I don’t know how to keep my sugar stable and what to eat and not to eat. So if anyone has any recommendations of what to eat and not to, please share them. I’ve also been constantly feeling light-headed, and having to pee so much and sweating, and feeling super tired and weak. I’m still learning everyday on my eating habits such as pricking my finger and how much water I intake. Any insight would be welcomed.

What do you wish you knew when you were first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?

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