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I’m 57 years old & I now know I’ve been a type 2 diabetic for many years. The tell tale signs have been in place but no Dr ever caught them or just didn’t care. I now use a nurse practitioner & she seen the signs in my blood work, my legs & my feet. She followed thru & then done a three month study, when she gave me the news that I was a diabetic I broke down, my A1C was like 14, it’s now running 5.9-6.1, I feel like she may have saved my life, I used to drive a truck locally, had to have a DOT physical every two years, there was always sugar in my urine, Drs said nothing to worry about, I have PAD real bad in both legs, little to no feeling in my feet (neuropathy) & a blown out back, but by the grace of God & a nurse practitioner I’m still here & still walking. Thankful for each & every day I see

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