I was diagnosed 2012 with T2D. I then weighted 96kg/height 1,86m.

I eat metformin 500mg in morning and evening, and if I eat some carbs I have another in middle of the day. I workout 6 days a week, only lifting weights and a little cardio just for warmup. Now after 2 months I reached a 13% fat percentage from above 23% being 89kg in january.

My today result is 78kg, 13% fat. Lost 2-3 sizes in clothes. xl-medium/small.

I eat no bread or sugar. Avocado, tomatoes, eggs, grapefruit and kiwi is a standard part of my meal. And, I eat chillies raw.

Now my blood glucose levels is 5,4 in the morning, and I have decreased to below prediabetes. Yeey!

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