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I Am an Insulin-Dependent Type 2 Diabetic

Educating others about type 2 diabetes

I am active, eat low-carb, and have a “normal” weight and a 5.9 A1C. I would like both to be lower.

The thing that surprises people about me? That I am an insulin-dependent Type 2 Diabetic.

People who learn I am diabetic from outside the diabetic “bubble” often reply with – “You don’t LOOK diabetic” or “I thought only Type 1 diabetics take insulin” – Maybe I am here to educate people when they say these things.

People within our “bubble” frequently tell me how they/someone they know doesn’t take meds anymore because of diet, workout plans, CBD, Kombucha, whatever. Meanwhile, I digest a host of pills for breakfast + take shots. T1D’s have told me I’m able to “cure” my diabetes. Many people with diabetes believe T2D is strictly a “lifestyle disease.” I guess I’m here to provide lessons on this too.

Healthy lifestyle and medications

I believe a healthier lifestyle is the goal for everyone, but medical intervention is not a yardstick we should hold over others to measure their success. I love advice and tips, but can live without the judgmental tones.

I am a low-carb eating, meal planning, meal-making, hiking, gym-using, not overweight, and insulin-dependent (Gasp Type TWO) diabetic.

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  • Margot moderator
    3 weeks ago

    Yes @bcjdhkk thank you so much for sharing this! Very true that it’s not a yardstick that should be used to measure – everything can vary greatly by person! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and being a part of our community – I am glad your story is here for others to read! Best, Margot, Team

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