"Sneaking" in Exercise

I try to "sneak" in exercise in ways that don't seem like exercise - know what I mean? Like I take the stairs whenever and wherever possible and for several reasons. I’m impatient - I hate waiting for the elevator-especially if I think it’s going to be packed. Opting for the stairs is less crowded, and I know the extra steps are good for me.

Parking in the far part of the parking lot

Whenever I go food shopping or to Target, especially when I’ve been neglecting workouts, I park as far away from the entrance as I can. Also, it’s much easier to find parking if you park away from the parking spots everyone is fighting for. Also, food and Target shopping are workouts! Bonus points: Sometimes parking in the far part of the parking lot makes for a quicker exit.

The hallway closet

I have a hallway closet that's about 3 feet wide and 4 feet deep - it’s a catchall for everything. Diabetes supplies, suitcases, wrapping paper and gift bags. And it gets cluttered fast. When I can no longer ignore, I do an overhaul.

I empty it out and dust and vacuum the inside, and organize my crap into three piles: Keep, pitch or donate. What I keep, I put back and neat as a pin! It takes about two hours and yes cleaning is indeed a workout!

I walk my neighbor’s dog

I love dogs, dogs love me. Dogs are my favorite. Unfortunately, I don’t own a dog. But lucky for me my neighbor does, and every now and then (like when she’s going to dinner and a movie, or decides to go away for a few days) she asks me to walk her dog, Jim. I walk Jim 20 minutes, twice a day - if the weather is nice and Jim is feeling up to it, I’ll walk him for 30. Walking Jim is usually a weekend commitment and me an extra 80 (20X4,) minutes of walking over a two day period. Spending time with Jim makes me happy and is great for my blood sugars! Owning a pet is good for our health - so is walking and hanging out with your neighbor's fur baby!

What are some ways you "sneak in exercise?"

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