Small changes make big differences


On my birthday last year in September, I was diagnosed T2. I knew going into the doctors that I most certainly had the condition because I was showing prominent symptoms. My initial results 'sealed the deal as they say. My fasting Glucose was 396 & my A1c was 15.7%

Success in controlling type 2 diabetes

I was prescribed Lantus 22 units nightly over the next 3 months. I made lifestyle changes and by my next visit in December, I lowered my Glucose to 90 and A1c to 5.9%. Currently as of this writing; I have been insulin-free and med free for 6 weeks now. I made small changes to my diet and routine, along with my lowered numbers, I lost 30 lbs as well. It is possible to get your numbers down and off the insulin & meds. You can do it, you just gotta want it.

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