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How I Beat Type 2 Diabetes & Bad Cholesterols

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in July 2022 with 2 bad cholesterol.

Doing my own research

I decided to research and found Dr. Fung's 'The Diabetes Code' & 'The Obesity Code'. He explained the non-medical model of healing from diabetes which is simply weight loss and how intermittent fasting, which still allows an evening meal on a fast day, is the answer. I read many testimonials of success and tried it. Well, I have lost two stone (28 pounds) from August 2022 - February 2023 and I am still losing weight gradually.

Seeing positive results

My 1 bad cholesterol has gone, and the other is greatly reduced in my last blood test. All my organs and eyes are healthy. My hunger cravings which were actually sugar rushes, have been eradicated, and I no longer need to snack. I switched to brown rice, bread, and pasta, which I now prefer! I also realized the difference between appetite and hunger!

Making my life easier

These 2 books are life-changing, and I am living & walking proof. I now wear size 10/12 clothes when I previously struggled in size 16, and I love intermittent fasting! It makes my days easier, makes cheaper food bills, and I no longer have that heavy feeling after having a meal. It's a win-win in every way. The added bonus is I now find sugary food distasteful but can enjoy birthday cakes etc, as treats if I want to. Life-changing and liberating results. This is not a diet plan per se but a re-education of what we have been eating, and we don't need three meals a day, every day.

Talk to your doctor first

The advice is to speak to one's doctor prior to attempting if medication is already prescribed so that they are aware of any needs and review the doses if required. It is insanity if we continue with the same lifestyle habits and expect something to change! My story is liberating after over 20 years of nothing working. This is IT!

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