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Money Saving Tips for Healthy Food

Diabetes requires us to eat healthy, and eating healthy isn’t always cheap.

I’ve written about saving money on healthy, organic, chemical free, or “all natural” foods before, and my list continues to grow. Here are few more things to help you save money on healthy foods and products!

How to save money on healthy food

I’ve found that some of the big chains like Walmart and Target now have impressive grocery sections and carry organic and healthy food options, and some store brands are actually organic! Surprisingly, both stores also carry organic natural sundries (moisturizer, sunscreen and organic cleaning products) at competitive prices. If you use either and or both stores apps, you have access to additional discounts, and some times those discounts can be huge! Also, both stores accept coupons (they don’t double coupons, but you’re still saving) and Target credits you 5 cents of your total bill for every reusable bag you bring and use. FYI: Target brand glucose tabs do the trick and are economical!

Websites like coupons.com offer coupons for healthy and or organic foods.
allnaturalsavings.com takes it a step further offering healthy and organic coupon breakdowns by store!

Here’s a thought: split the cost of a membership to a warehouse store with a friend and cut your membership in half! Save even more money by splitting large bulk purchases (paper towels, toilet paper, and organic cleaning supplies) with a friend! Extra bonus points for using the warehouse store apps - they save you extra in all dimensions, including extra time!

Speaking of friends, have you ever considered splitting the cost of cooking a meal and divvying up the meal with a friend? Create a batch of chili, soup, or stew with a friend, then divide the cost and portion off the meal into equal portions. Cooking with a friend is fun, economical, and makes cleaning up twice as easy!

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