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Does Metformin help weight loss?

I have a question about Metformin and weight loss. I’ve read in different places where some say that Metformin helps with weight loss and others say no. So, does it help or not then?

Community Answers
  • Thomas A McAtee Jr. moderator author
    2 years ago

    I was on it for about a year. I had lost weight but don’t know how much Metformin played a factor into it. They took me off after a year. I’ve been off now for five years.I’ve gotten my appetite back and have been gaining weight. I’ve read both sides of the coin on this and was considering asking to maybe go back on Metformin again but wanted to find out for sure before doing so.

  • marciabyrd
    2 years ago

    I’m new at this social media interaction, so let me know I’d I do something wrong. That said, I have been on metformin for several years, and my weight hasn’t changed.

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