A Few Meal and Snack Tweaks

I’m finding myself eating more than I should since I've been staying home more and thank you stress! So I started making little tweaks to my meals and snacks in the hopes of putting the kibosh on the mindless grazing.

Snack tips for managing type 2 diabetes

Here are some favorites that are currently in my arsenal!

Toast with peanut butter and fruit

One slice of rye or low carb toast with peanut butter and topped with three or four sliced strawberries instead of jelly. It is surprisingly delicious, higher in fiber than a PB&J, and easier on our blood sugar. Sidebar: It makes for an excellent breakfast, lunch, or light dinner!

Pre-sliced fruit

Speaking of fresh berries (I prefer strawberries and blueberries), I have them washed, sliced, and ready to go in the fridge. One serving of strawberries equals one cup - if you slice and dice a serving you can have two 1/2 cups! I keep 1/2 cup storage containers of berries in the fridge and when I need something a little sweet, I grab one!

Cucumber and onion salad

Cucumber and onion salad while watching Netflix provides me with the crunch factor I crave during a movie AND the veggie serving and fiber factors I need. Sidebar: I slice the cucumber in half and scoop out the seeds before I dice up the cucumber - but that’s just me!

Veggies and single-serving hummus

Another snack idea is fresh veggies with individual serving sizes of hummus. Now normally I dislike individual serving sizes - but I purchased a pack of single-serving hummus packs a couple of months ago and I learned exactly what a hummus serving size REALLY looked like, which helped me manage my post hummus blood sugars.

I took the individual serving and scooped it in a ramekin and studied exactly where the serving lined up in the ramekin. Now that I know exactly how much hummus equals a serving. I no longer buy the single servings, instead, I serve my hummus in the ramekin. I also add a tablespoon of salsa sometimes - if I’m craving spice!

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