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The Best Breakfast for Type 2 Diabetes

Breakfast is such a controversial meal. It’s been touted as the most important meal of the day, yet many people choose to skip it. There are tons of different options (breakfast salad anyone?), yet most often in the United States, we choose cereal, bagels, or other carbohydrates.

Low carb breakfast better for blood glucose levels during the day

A recent study gives even more insight into the importance of breakfast choices when you have Type 2 Diabetes. The research found that limiting carbohydrates during breakfast may lead to better glucose levels throughout the day.

“For the study, 23 people with type 2 diabetes participated in a two-day meal trial. They had an omelet for breakfast on the first day and then oatmeal and fruit on the second day. They had identical lunch and dinner on both days. The participants underwent continuous glucose monitoring. Spikes on their blood sugar levels were observed throughout the day.”1 The research showed a larger spike in blood glucose levels after the oatmeal and fruit than with the high protein, low-carbohydrate omelet on day one. “The researchers said that a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet is the most practical way of controlling glucose spikes before the day starts. They also found that blood glucose levels remained stable throughout the day if carbohydrates were restricted during breakfast together with balanced lunch and dinner.”1 More research should be done to understand the long term effects of making these diet changes.

Low carbohydrate breakfast ideas

Traditional breakfasts where we live are usually based on carbohydrates. Toast, pancakes, waffles, cold and warm cereals are common choices in the United States. So making low carbohydrate choices may seem difficult at first. Here are a few ideas to try. If you do decide to make a change, consider keeping a food diary and blood glucose log to see if you, too, benefit from lower carbohydrate intake in the morning.

Egg white omelet with cheese and peppersScrambled eggs with cheddar cheeseTurkey sausage patty topped with avocado and/or cheeseEgg muffin cupsBacon and egg cupsLox and cream cheeseQuicheBreakfast saladPresto pesto eggs 2 hard-boiled eggsHam, egg and cheese casseroleTurkey bacon muffin cupsCheck out type2diabetes.com for other great recipe ideas!Watch your resultsWith your food diary and blood sugar log, you will be able to notice patterns in your levels when different foods or food groups are consumed. If you are not sure how to keep a food diary or blood glucose log, ask your physician for a referral to see a registered dietitian or certified diabetes educator.

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