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Helpful Tips to Prep/Portion Meals

I’m a big fan of pre-prepping, ready-made meals because it makes my life easier, especially during the pandemic when going out for meals doesn’t happen for me, and takeout is a rare treat because I’m:

  1. On a budget
  2. Currently wearing an ortho boot because of a recent partially torn ligament in my foot, and need to really watch what I’m eating because I can’t exercise.

I also LOVE glass food storage containers because, in my opinion, things taste better in glass!

Meal prep tips for type 2 diabetes

The following tips have helped when it comes to yummy, healthy meals that cut down both my time in the kitchen and on my feet!

Glass food storage containers

They're good for the environment and they're easy to reheat and clean. They also come in a multitude of sizes and shapes.

Preparing several easy dishes for multiple meals

I’m a huge fan of soups, stews, and chili. I try to make a pot of one of the above (and sometimes two), over the weekend and double the recipe. I divide and pre-portion half the meal into multiple glass food storage containers to eat during the next week. I have several round glass pyrex bowls with lids that are perfect for this. When I’m ready for my next bowl of soup/stew/chili, I remove a serving bowl from the fridge, remove the lid, reheat, and eat.

The other half of the meal goes in plastic, freezer safe, container and put in the freezer to thaw out at a later date. Bonus points when I remember to put a label with the freeze date on.

Pre-prepped/portioned low glucose treats

I purchased 1/2 a dozen 4-once mason jars with lids and utilize them for pre-prepped snacks. I keep two of these jars in the fridge, each filled with 15 grams worth of juice to treat lows. Having the juice already pre-measured for a low comes in handy when the low occurs - it's one less thing I have to think about.

What works for you when it comes to easy food prep and less time in the kitchen in the long-term?

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