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Why Is It So Hard for Me to Eat Right?

I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes about 3 years ago. After a while, it progressed to type 2 diabetes. Part of my problem is eating "right".

I've never been good at following a nutritious and balanced eating plan. When you have type 2 diabetes, why is it so hard to eat right? Why is eating healthier such a challenge?

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My mom and her experience with type 2 diabetes

Long before I was diagnosed, my mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She immediately started eating better, especially when it came to sweets. She still had fried foods occasionally and loved meat, but she did make a reasonable effort.

Testing glucose and taking insulin

I remember her testing her blood glucose and using insulin. This was after I'd moved out, but I was with her often, and she'd always warned me about getting it. It got to the point that I almost felt she was disappointed that she was wrong - until she wasn't.

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My eating habits before type 2 diabetes

My eating habits have always been casual. I love fried foods, sweets, starches, and candy. Once in a while, I'd try to diet and choose healthier options. The problem was that anytime I had a setback, like getting sick or going on a vacation, I'd revert back to eating like I did in the past.

Changing my habits after diagnosis

When my doctor told me I had type 2 diabetes, I must admit it was not welcomed news. I pictured insulin injections and not being able to eat all the things I loved. Not to mention, the possibility of health issues and other diabetes complications worried me.

A combination of healthy eating and medication

I was fortunate enough to start on Metformin at first; then, I switched to Ozempic. And while the medicine controls my blood sugar, it's still hard for me to eat right sometimes. I can go for a while, not eating sweets or fried foods, but like in the past, once something got in my way, so to speak, I revert.

If it's my birthday, of course, I want to eat out somewhere to celebrate. How could I not eat all the wonderful foods during the holidays, like mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pies?

It's hard for me to eat healthier

I'm the first to admit how hard it is to eat right to keep yourself healthier from type 2 diabetes issues. I know I need to pass on the sweets, breads, fried foods, and red meat. I have made a few changes.

While I do have sweets occasionally, it's not a daily thing, and I do so in moderation. And I don't eat fried foods every day anymore. As far as red meat, I still have it, but I also enjoy plant-based meat like burgers and sausage.

I guess my changes consist of being more careful in my choices. Instead of just eating whatever I want, I may only sometimes eat right, but I choose to eat healthier as often as possible.

I always ask myself, with type 2 diabetes, why is it so hard to eat right? I know I need to make changes - even more than I already have. But, like anything else in life, it's difficult at times.

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