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My Favorite Foods By Category: Part 1

Type 2 diabetes has really forced me to look at what foods I have been feeding my body. Every so often I revisit that list and thought I might share it with you. Obviously, my list of carbs is the longest and the foods are not 100% accurate for the nutrient group. This is the first of a two part post. Part two will feature proteins, fats, more mixed nutrients, and other foods.

Foods with mostly carbohydrates

I recall my dietitian telling me that to some degree I have to set aside the calorie count and pay attention to the carb count because my diabetes comes first.

  1. Salad, green leafy, purple lettuce red cabbage, spinach, cherry or grape tomatoes, shredded carrots. I have been lucky and can getaway with large salads and still test well at 2 hours. Admittedly, I don’t count the carbs in the salad ingredients above. I know this isn’t accurate but for goodness sake, it’s the healthy servings I wouldn’t get otherwise. It’s what ELSE I put on the salad that adds up the carbs and calories. These I measure and count; things like seeds, dried cranberries, croutons so I know what my carb count is (minus the salad stuff).
  2. I love milk. I love milk the way some people like pop or coffee. It is very healthy. Laws in my country prevent hormones from being added to our milk. We do however add back in Vitamins A&D that are destroyed in pasteurization.
  3. Glucerna - now I know what you’re going to say. I’ve read some comments about this particular product. This, for me, is my breakfast replacement. The protein is high quality and will sustain me for about 4 hours until lunch. Two hours after I drink it my sugars are the same. It works for me so I consider it a favorite.
  4. Potatoes. Yum. Well, a little too much yum. I pretty much like them prepared any way. I do have to measure how much I’m eating to make sure my carb count is accurate. This is a danger food for me though. I love them a bit too much!
  5. Popcorn. My husband really likes popcorn and always asks me if I want some. I never seem to have much interest until he nukes the Orville bowl. Then I eat half while we’re watching a movie! Thankfully it never seems to be a problem for my blood sugars either.

Foods with other nutrients

Peanut butter has fat and carbohydrates. It's great on toast or an English muffin on the weekend for breakfast.

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Tea - black, green or white. I. Am. A. Tea. Snob. Yes I am. My tea has to be loose. It has to be brewed just right. If I need tea for comfort, I will brew a Napol black tea and add milk and a small amount of sugar. I love matcha (ground up green tea leaves) as well, brewed hot or shaken cold. I even throw some in my smoothie. One disadvantage...I can’t drink green tea close to bedtime. It gives me the weirdest dreams! White tea is wonderful too. Very mild and soothing.

What are your favorite foods?

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