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Breakfast On The Go

Breakfast - A the meal that's easy to skip and a meal that none of us should miss. For me, it feel like I'm always rushing around in the morning and I'm not always hungry in the morning - I'm just not. But I know that if I skip breakfast, there's a good chance I'll pay for it later re: my energy and blood sugars.

Here are some healthy quick breakfasts options for those of us trying to up our already rushed breakfast game.

Greek yogurt:

I buy lots of Greek yogurt and I place it front and center in the fridge - so I can see it. I grab a yogurt after my morning shower and before my second cup of coffee. I've timed it - it take two minutes to eat.

Hard boiled eggs:

I keep half a dozen hard boiled eggs in the fridge - if I don't feel like a yogurt, I grab a couple of hard boiled eggs and eat them with high fiber crackers - quick, healthy, fast, easy and cheap.


I eat a small avocado with hot sauce and fresh lemon and a couple cheese sticks and high fiber crackers. Another avocado favorite I make if I have time - I'll make a slice of low carb toast, top it with avocado and hot sauce. Then eat a few cheese sticks in the car - both options are very filling, healthy, and yummy!

High Protein and high fiber granola bars:

I make sure to buy healthy brands with ingredients I can produce. I like them and they work for me.

Things I can count on when I eat breakfast

I'm not as hungry, nor am I hangry mid morning - I might have some grapes or an apple and a cheese stick - but I'm not famished by 11 am.

When lunchtime comes around I'm hungry, but I'm not so hungry that I'm eating everything in site and mindlessly downing carbs. And I'm not eating my lunch as fast.

Also, my mid morning and lunchtime blood sugars have less spikes and I think that helps with weight management.

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