Mid-Afternoon Snacks That Won’t Sabotage Dinner

Most of us have a mid-afternoon snack to combat low blood sugars and hunger pangs, but if we don’t time it just right, we end sabotaging our dinner plans.

Afternoon snacks for type 2 diabetes

So, how can we avoid the sabotage?

Timing is everything

First: Consider having your afternoon snack at the same time each day. I usually have my afternoon snack between 2pm and 3pm, but your diabetes may vary. Once you’ve figured out a good time to have your snack, have some go-to snacks that taste good and fill you up — but won’t spoil your dinner plans.

Snack ideas

Second: Here are some snacks to consider.

  • One small apple or pear with a cheese stick and or BabyBel cheese. High in fiber and crunch, low in carbs and calories — a small apple and side of pre-measured cheese make for an excellent snack. SideBar: Pears aren’t known to travel well, so special precautions need to be made. Make sure you cradle your pear with extra “padding” when bringing it to work with you.
  • Hardboiled eggs and high fiber crackers. High in protein and fiber and easy to transport. One or two hardboiled eggs and a smattering of high fiber crackers are tasty and make for a good on-the-go snack.
  • KIND snacks high protein nut bars. High in fiber and low in carbs - a little sweetness goes a heck of a long way. Bonus points for having zero trans-fats and being gluten-free. My favorite KIND high protein bar is crunchy peanut butter!
  • 1 cup of Greek yogurt. Low in fat, high in calcium, and easy to take on the go with you. Greek yogurt is a sure thing.
  • One half of a turkey and veggie sandwich on whole wheat or rye bread - with mustard and a dash of mayo. I find this snack to be especially good if you have a long commute home.

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