An Unexpected Low Blood Sugar

I just experienced an unexpected low blood sugar in Starbucks. Lucky for me, I'd just sat down with my order - a tall, unsweetened, decaf cappuccino - 16 grams of carbs. I also had a Lara bar tucked in my jacket pocket. I always keep an emergency bar in my jacket or coat pocket, in my car, handbags, and knapsack - because you never know when or where you're going to need one. I sat down and ate half of my Lara Bar, then drank my decaf cappuccino - and faster than I normally would. I also pushed up the sleeve of my sweater so my medical I.D. bracelet was visible because it made me feel safe.

23 minutes later my blood sugar had gone from 58 to 101 and I felt like I was out of the woods.

Managing low blood sugar

I hate when my blood sugar goes low - I hate how it makes me feel like I have no control and that I need to eat everything in sight. Making sure I have snacks to treat lows with me at all times and always making sure that I’m wearing my medical bracelet not only makes me feel prepared, but makes me feel more in control of the situation, which helps me to feel calmer during lows and less likely to go crazy over-treating said low.

I’ll be checking my blood sugars multiple times over the next few hours to make sure I don’t spike - and because I have type 1 diabetes and wear an insulin pump, I might have to do some insulin corrections later.

Diabetes, no matter the type is hard work, low and high blood sugars suck, and we always have to be on guard.

What do you carry with you to treat lows?

What, if anything, do you do to feel more in control during a low blood sugar?

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