Working From Home: 3 Things I Do Daily for My Health

Many of us are now working from home (either full or part-time), thanks to COVID-19. And it can be a challenge.

Tips for working from home with diabetes

Here are some things that help me stay on a healthy path from my home office.

Pack lunch the night before

Yep, I still prep and pack my lunch the night before. Why? I’m a grazer, I’ll stand in front of the fridge and or pantry for a good five or ten minutes figuring out what I want. It’s not so much about wasting my lunch hour — though that factors into it. It’s about already making/creating a healthy lunchtime choice the night before and sticking with it. Packing my lunch and preparing it the night before ensures that I’m going to eat healthy at lunch. Whether it’s homemade chili ready to go in a container, a turkey veggie wrap, or my favorite yogurt and a side of fresh, washed strawberries all ready to - I’m set. No temptations or serving size miscalculations. Bottom line: Not only is pre-packing my lunch from home healthier — it makes things easier.

Take stretch breaks

Sitting in my home office hunched over my computer for extended periods of time wreaks havoc on my neck and back, not to mention my gluteus maximus. I do my best to take stretch breaks every 60 to 90 minutes and do stretches for 5 to 10 minutes. Stretching not only alleviates any tension but also helps me feel more focused.

Take walk breaks

Every day at 3 pm I set the timer on my phone, mask up, go outside and take a 20-minute walk - and sometimes if I have the time, I take a 30-minute walk. 20 to 30 minutes in the fresh air and away from my computer clears my head, helps get me moving, and helps me manage my blood sugar. Those 20 to 30 minutes in the outdoors have come to mean so much to me in our COVID-19 world

What are some things you do daily to keep your mind and your diabetes healthy while working at home?

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