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A game of Qwirkle spells out various type 2 diabetes

Words That Describe Diabetes

Diabetes. There are many words that come to mind when I think of it. Here are some of mine. Can you add any?

Words that describe type 2 diabetes


  • Diabolical — Diabetes has its own agenda, and I don’t know what that is.
  • Disease — It is a disease of the pancreas.
  • Destructive — It can affect other organs in my body.
  • Downer — Bummer. Mild form of depressing.
  • Depressing — the state of mind we sometimes feel related to dealing with a chronic disease.
  • Different — everyday. Every single day.
  • Drugs — Often part of the treatment. There are many: oral, injectable and inhalation.
  • Diet — I have always disliked the word ‘diet.’ It has a negative connotation. But it is an effective treatment for diabetes so I guess I have to tolerate the word.


  • Intense — There is an intensity to diabetes that those who have never had to deal with it will truly understand.
  • Idiotic — Diabetes can just be an idiot.
  • Idiopathic — sometimes there’s no explanation for the cause.
  • Insulin — may be needed for some. A very effective treatment. Life-sustaining.
  • Individual — never the same for two different people.


  • (Butt)hole disease — Yes, somedays I call it names. I even call my monitor names.
  • Awareness — I try to raise awareness so others can understand, there’s more than one type of diabetes and they’re not the same.
  • Advocacy — I advocate for others who are suffering from the disease, and financially; more research dollars are needed.
  • Affordability — I want this for all. Sometimes the supplies are not affordable. This breaks my heart.
  • Amputations — This happens to more people than I realized.
  • Anticipation — “Will my A1C be in range this time?”


  • Beat — I want to see diabetes not just beat, but pulverized.
  • Beware — of the complications that can occur.
  • Bad — for some both physically and mentally.


  • Energy — it zaps our energy both physically and emotionally.
  • Errors — I always think I’m making mistakes; “my numbers are high. What did I do wrong?”
  • Exercise — can be part of a treatment plan. Very important. Even small amounts can help lower blood sugars.


  • Tests me — my knowledge, my ability to look after myself and my patience.
  • Terrible — outcomes, potentially, if we don’t pay attention to the disease.
  • Testing — my blood sugar. I have learned to tolerate the testing but I don’t enjoy it. Lab tests every 3 months. I feel like a human pin cushion some days.
  • Trials — I look for clinical trials to see what is going on in the research end of this disease.


  • Emotional — it sucks the life out of us emotionally at times; I have had many tears over the years.
  • Expectations — I expect there will be a cure, I just hope it’s discovered soon.
  • Excellent — treatments whether through diet, exercise or drugs!


  • Strips — oh those little jerks that we need to monitor our blood sugars. They go with us wherever we go. No matter how hard I try to throw them out, I find them everywhere after testing too.
  • Sensors — a breath of fresh air for some; another issue for others (allergy).
  • Stranglehold — diabetes always seems to have a chokehold on us, it’s always one step ahead of us if we are not vigilant. Even when we are.
  • Sadness — I feel sad that I have it; for some, it’s a sadness that runs very deep.
  • Swear — well, no excuse but it brings out the worst in me. Ok. It’s an excuse.
  • Stop — I want diabetes STOPPED! But I also want to stop having to deal with it.
  • Start — Diabetes gave me a new start in life, a healthier one. Crazy, right?

What words come to mind for you? (Use asterisk if swearing pls).

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