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Preparing for Summer Adventure

Since my type 2 diabetes diagnosis, I've made it a point to go on a summer adventure every summer that involves physical activity. After neglecting my health for so long I wanted to enjoy life again the healthy way. My summer adventures are both a reward and a healthy activity all at the same time, on top of already eating right and regular exercise.

Finding physical fitness activities that I like

As a teenager growing up near the Appalachian Mountains, I always enjoyed the outdoors (hiking, mountain biking, and fishing). After many years of being in the workforce and family life, all those interests fell by the wayside.

When diagnosed and getting back into physical fitness, I started to enjoy an active life again. This reminded me of my past interests with mountain biking being my favorite. So I bought a new mountain bike and rode around the neighborhood (I live in Florida and there are no mountains here).

One day I learned from a passer-by that there is a mountain bike park just outside of town. I checked it out and was very impressed considering there's no mountain range here. My love of mountain biking grew from there, I decided to start taking my bike with me on the road during the summers, as I travel across the country with my full-time trucking career. Every summer since, I've either gone mountain biking or hiking in the mountains in the western U.S. - at least once during the summer.

Preparing for my summer fitness adventure with diabetes

It takes careful planning to figure out where to ride and how to get there being in an 18-wheeler. I usually end up renting a car to go do the things I intend to do.

Picking a location

This summer's ride is going to be on the Tahoe Rim Trail on the eastern side of Lake Tahoe. After doing research, I've found the elevation is over 8,000 ft above sea level for most of the ride. Riding in higher elevations requires a bit more preparation in fitness and packing of emergency supplies.

Physical preparation

At the time of writing this article I've bumped up the intensity of my cardio and will be stopping at gyms specifically in higher elevations along the route. I know many places around the country where there are gyms in cities from 4,000 ft to 7,000 ft.

Packing supplies

The day before the ride and the day of the ride I will be drinking plenty of water. I plan to wear a 3-liter hydration pack with room to pack essentials like: a small first-aid kit, food, tools, a solar-powered battery bank, a whistle, my phone, sports drink, and a compass.

The extra motivation

Doing things like this every summer not only keeps me motivated to keep up with exercise but is a great reward for showing yourself what you can accomplish. Please remember to use caution and consult your medical professionals before starting any new fitness routine or activity. Please be safe and stay within your ability.

Do any of you like to go on summer adventures? We'd love to hear from our members if you enjoy summer physical activity and what you do to prepare for it.

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