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Spring Into Good Habits This Season

Where I live, spring is finally (FINALLY!) in the air. The trees are blooming, the flowers are popping, and I feel ready to get back into the warmer weather.

Do's and don'ts for spring activities

While spring may see you blossoming into good feelings and happy vibes, use this time to keep up or improve habits rather than falling into a spring free-for-all. Here's a list of some everyday spring activities and a few "do's" and "dont's" for each activity.

Spring outdoor activities

Do use this good weather to get out and move! Take the dog for a walk each day, walk after dinner, get on your bike, play pickleball, or sit on the porch and enjoy the spring breeze (good for mental health)!

Don't over-exert yourself or try to overhaul everything about your activity level in a week. It's awesome if you want to move your body more but don't set unrealistic goals. If you go from no activity to deciding to jog for an hour 6 days per week, you might likely burn out or be more prone to injury.

Do stop and smell the roses (literally). Spring is a good time to slow down, take a deep breath, assess your stress levels, and be in the moment. It's also a time when everything feels fresh and new and a great time to pick up a new habit or clean out your fridge.

Don't start jam-packing your schedule and life just because you can finally be outdoors again. Give yourself space to take care of your health and needs.

Family and friend gatherings

Do enjoy delicious, seasonal food. Bring lean proteins and veggies to the party if it's barbeque season where you live. Start enjoying the food available in season, like berries and spring vegetables.

Don't let the good weather go to your head. With family gatherings often comes increased imbibing of alcohol, leading to several negative consequences, including letting your inhibitions down and eating things you might regret, or feeling bad and skipping your workout the next day.

Do spend time with your family or friends and talk about things that make you happy. Gently change the subject if someone tries to influence your choices related to type 2 diabetes, pressure you to eat something you don't want to, or is otherwise getting involved in your health decisions.

Trips and vacations

Do travel somewhere that encourages movement! You can visit a walkable city, go to the beach and rent beach cruiser bikes, or check out a garden with lots of hiking and walking paths.

Don't book a vacation that will have you sitting for most of the day. Although it is relaxing, a vacation that doesn't include some activity could leave you feeling sluggish. If you booked an all-inclusive, enjoy your favorite foods in moderation, and don't be too hard on yourself.

Do travel with friends or family if it will increase your relaxation and enjoyment. You are not obligated to spend time with people who make you feel stressed or inadequate. You should enjoy yourself to the fullest on your time off.

Don't forget to plan ahead and pack your diabetes supplies for your trip.

You've got this! Use this time to check in with your habits, make choices that will support you, and enjoy your spring!

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