Walking the Dog and Easing Back Into Exercise

My good friend/neighbor was staying away from home overnight for a couple of weeks because she'd signed up to be a crafts vendor in a nearby city’s market. Did I mention my friend/neighbor is an excellent artist/jewelry designer? Anyway, she reached out to me and asked if I was available to walk her dog Frankie twice a day, four days a week, Friday through Monday - early mornings and late afternoons. My work and work deadlines were winding down, and I thought walking Frankie dog would be a great way to ease back into the exercise game after an extended bout of tendonitis in my foot.

The benefits of dog walking

At 6:40 am every morning, Frankie and I would walk between 25 and 45 minutes rain or shine, and once again in the late afternoon around 5 pm. I liked Frankie’s company because she’s an awesome pup. Also: She thought I was amazing. She’s a friendly dog, so yeah, she thinks everybody is awesome, but I digress. Frankie made me smile and lifted my spirits no matter what kind of day I was having!

Easing back into walking and exercise

I also enjoyed the daily exercise of walking with Frankie. It was wonderful to get back into the exercise swing and at a slow pace. Tendonitis in my foot had sidelined me for a long time - and I appreciated being able to walk for between 20 and 40 minutes each day without being in pain.

Walking's impact on blood glucose

It was also an excellent reminder of the positive impact that even a small amount of exercise has on daily blood glucose levels for a 24 hour period. My blood sugar numbers remained in the "steady zone" on the days I walked Frankie - and walking made my head and body feel great.

Get back up!

A few days post-Frankie care, I sprained my ankle tripping down the steps. It was a lesson in patience and I tried my best not to get frustrated. I started my walking workout again a few weeks later and I am grateful to be back walking. I also signed up to be a volunteer dog walker at my local animal shelter on the weekends. It's a great way to get back into exercise and helps me and the dogs lift our spirits and keep our blood sugars steady!

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